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EP 13 - The Altieri Brothers Featuring Robert Reed

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Episode Summary

Our guest has been surrounded by the top-notch elite hairdressers in the world. We welcome Robert Reed!

Robert started in radio but quickly transferred his skills into the beauty industry. His talent with public speaking called Jheri Redding’s attention. This led to him getting a shot at Jhirmack at the young age of 24.

With his company, Ergo, he started to help people with disabilities be part of the beauty business.

Ricco and Tony have a wonderful conversation with Robert. What are you waiting for to listen to all of Robert’s experiences? Enjoy!

About Robert Reed

Robert Reed is not only a legend in the hair industry, he also wants to innovate through his research.

Reed developed this passion for serving stylists while serving as President and co-owner of Hikari Scissors U.S.A. He is widely credited by many as the main drive behind this world-leading and exclusive brand. It was Reed’s strategy to develop lifelong customers, many stories of his commitment to serving the styling community have been written in numerous trade magazines and Customer Service books.

Reed has been determined to research, develop, and discover the most complete ergonomic collection of styling tools in the world with Ergo Research since 1994.

Key Take-Aways

  • One of the biggest legends in the hair industry was Jheri Redding.

  • Robert Reed was the first world KMS distributor located in Southern California.

  • The hair industry and its main artists all know each other.

  • Ergo was founded to be a research company to provide programs to hairdressers with disabilities.

  • People with great energy and great aspirations attract similar people.


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