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Summer of Love & Fun......activities to do 2023

Altieri the Art of Hair is located in Orange County, California, which is

home to a wide variety of exciting activities throughout the year. While our

locals are familiar with all that Southern California has to offer, we are well

aware that tourists come here from all over the globe. For those of you

seeking to bask in the culture or to have some fun this season, we’d like to

give you a look at some events that you can enjoy.

3 girls playing in the ocean waves

All over Orange County, beaches are becoming crowded with locals

and tourists alike. For some of us, June Gloom is being replaced by

sunshine. Everywhere you go, the smell of barbecue takes over your

senses. The Major League Baseball season is in full swing (pun intended).

This could only mean one thing: Summer has arrived.

Today we’re looking at a handful of festivals and events coming to

Orange County during the summer, as well as popular hairstyles that you

can expect to see during these warm months. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

VW bus and surfers on beach

Doheny Surf and Art Festival (June 24 - June 25, 2023)

This two-day annual festival celebrates art, surf culture, and Southern

California lifestyle. The event itself is free, and takes place at one of the

most well-known places to surf in all of So-Cal. Activities include vending

booths inspired by art and the beach, live music, and even a surf contest.

This is the perfect way to get those Orange County summer vibes.

Sawdust Festival (June 30 - September 3, 2023)

Art goes with Laguna Beach like light goes with the sun. It’s just part

of it. This multi-month festival has been a mainstay since 1966. Over 200

artists are represented through various forms of art including paintings,

photos, and sculptures. What really makes this festival special is the vast

amount of events within the event ranging from Taco Tuesdays to live

fashion shows. If you feel inspired, art classes are available as well.

Girls on beach with watermelon

4th of July (July 4, 2023)

While this may not be a single event, it’s well worth mentioning

because 4th of July has been a major part of North-American tradition for

centuries. Orange County is home to some of the world’s most spectacular

firework shows. There are many options, but here are some that are

absolutely worth your time.

Disneyland (Anaheim) - The “Happiest Place on Earth” is known for a lot of

things, including expensive tickets, but perhaps the most beloved aspects

of Disneyland are their firework shows. 4th of July is obviously no

exception. The fireworks can be seen for free in Downtown Disney or

anywhere surrounding the park.

Huntington Beach Pier Plaza - Not only is the firework show fantastic, but

this Huntington Beach firework show is an all-day event that includes a

parade, decorating contest, carnival, and closes with a breathtaking

firework show over the beach.

Fivepoint Ampitheater (Irvine) - This is for any Beatles fan out there, with

the Pacific Symphony presenting music from the iconic rock band, all

leading into a phenomenal firework show under the “sky with diamonds”.

summer popsicles

Orange County Fair (July 14 - August 13, 2023)

The Orange County Fair is another event that has been around for

quite some time. On July 14, the fair will arrive after traveling from its most

recent location in San Diego and make its way to the Orange County

Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa. This month-long event features live music,

exhibits, rides, and a sporting arena where you can watch rodeos and even

monster trucks. Then you have the food, which ranges from ordinary to

straight-up weird. Case in point: The spaghetti donut. Yes, that’s a very real

thing that you can try for yourself.

Festival of the Butterflies (August 5, 2023)

San Juan Capistrano is a popular tourist attraction, and for one day of

the year it attracts butterfly lovers. This family-friendly single-day festival

celebrates, as you can probably guess, butterflies. You can learn more

about them through educational speeches, and as with most festivals, live

music. There are even contests and rewards, so feel free to bring your

competitive side with you. Adorn your hair with butterfly hair clips to really

get in the mood.

Sea Country Festival (August 25 - August 27, 2023)

This Laguna Niguel festival is designed to celebrate the end of

summer, and is thus a perfect way to end this list. Admission is free, though

you can purchase a wristband for ride access. Play games, go on rides,

take in live music, eat delicious food, and celebrate another Southern

California summer in style at this family-friendly festival.

We’ve only scratched the surface, but those are some of the events

that you can enjoy this summer. But this wouldn’t be a hair blog without

touching up on that subject, so here are some popular hairstyles that you

can use at these events… or anywhere really!

Summer hairstyle

The Bob: This one never really goes away, and it’s making another big

surge in the summer of 2023. If you enjoy keeping your hair on the shorter

side, give this one a try.

Loose Waves: Waves go with the beach, and the beach is a huge

attraction during the summer. Maybe that’s why this hairstyle is becoming

more and more common lately.

90s Volume: Remember the 90s? If so, you’re not alone. Hairstyles made

popular in the 90s are making a comeback in a big way, with voluminous

hair being one of the common.

Braids: With the blog heavily focused on festivals and events, it wouldn’t

be right to leave out braids, which are one of the mainstays for festival hair

fashion. The options of styling your braids are near limitless, which allows

you to truly express yourself as a person.

Hair accessories: Your hairstyle doesn’t have to include only your hair.

Show off your personality with headbands, bows, hair clips, and more. It’s

like art for your hair!

In Orange County, summer is more than “the hot months”. It’s a time

for celebration. Whether you live here or are visiting, with so many festivals

and events taking place in the coming months, it will be well worth your

time to go out and enjoy yourself while celebrating the wonderful and

storied history that makes up the So-Cal lifestyle. Until next time, thank you

for reading. Have an awesome summer!

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