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Love & Coconut Crush includes all the essential products you need to achieve gorgeous, shiny hair! Your bundle contains Coconut Crush Shampoo, Coconut Crush Conditioner & Love Miracle Blowout Lotion.


Coconut Crush Shampoo

Luxuriously cleans, hydrates, and revitalizes all hair types while leaving it nourished and weight free. This hydrating formula will leave hair smooth, shiny and perfectly PH balanced.  You will “Crush” on this dreamy, creamy coconut shampoo.


Coconut Crush Conditioner

Luxuriously restores and repairs the integrity of all hair types while leaving it smooth, frizz free and weightless. This nourishing formula will leave hair silky, shiny and perfectly PH balanced. Use with Coconut Crush shampoo , and you will double “Crush” on this creamy dream team.


Love Miracle Blowout Lotion

This miracle blowout lotion has an intensely hydrating formula that leaves your hair silky smooth and frizz free. When you add this to your styling routine, you will get  a  perfectly long lasting, and hair strengthening blowout. You’ll “Love” the bouncy bombshell hair this product creates on all hair types.



Love & Coconut Bundle shampoo, conditioner & blowout lotion

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