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EP 11 - The Altieri Brothers Featuring Tony Rizzo

Episode Summary

Sometimes careers are a family tradition, right? This is the case of the Rizzo family!

Today’s guest is Tony Rizzo, a recognized hairdresser, and teacher that has taken a family tradition to a next level. With his academy, Sanrizz Academy, he won the British Hairdressing Awards of Education.

During the chat with the Altieri Brothers, Tony reflects on how important it is to have three main things in this industry: commitment, time, and continuation.

He also remembers how he started in the industry after being taken under Gino Pizzo’s wings, another Italian compatriot, and then meeting Vidal Sassoon and how this experience has taken him to do the Alternative Hair Show, a worldwide event.

Tony shares not only his experience but advice on the industry. Catch the words of one of the greatest in the industry and his future plans on this episode!

About Tony Rizzo

Tony Rizzo has so much experience under his belt!

Tony’s primary job is as managing director of the ever-developing Sanrizz empire. But, a relentless passion to progress the hairdressing industry sees his time splintered to accommodate show and seminar work, international exhibition appearances, photoshoots, the Sanrizz Academy, and education development.

Energetic, engaging, and an irrepressible optimist filled to the brim with a Mediterranean flair, equaled by a classic Italian temperament, Tony says his success is down to sheer hard unremitting intent to succeed, to be the best.

Key Take-Aways

  • Hairdressing may be a family tradition profession.

  • People trust their hairdressers because they feel they listen and truly connect with them.

  • The hairdressing life-style takes time and commitment.

  • Tony Rizzo’s main advice is to follow, listen and learn from your peers.

  • There are 143 different types of blood cancer.

  • Creativity gives passion.


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