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S2_EP 2 - The Altieri Brothers Featuring Lupe Voss

Episode Summary

Today’s guest is the wonderful Lupe Voss!

Lupe shares her story and how she started in the business out of the blue. As a great hair technician, she opened up a salon and started taking business classes to gain the knowledge required to run it, where she found her passion for teaching and went down that road. She then created Hair Color Magic to figure out the formula process of color. Lupe ends by sharing what’s coming for her business.

This episode is an absolute masterclass about hair and color theory. Tune in and grab some knowledge from Lupe!

About Lupe Voss

Lupe Voss is the co-founder of Color Space and was the North America Art Director for Aveda Hair Color.

Lupe Voss’s enthusiasm and unparalleled technical abilities are responsible for her triumphant rise as one of the most desirable color educators within the Aveda Network. Lupe has taken part in numerous educational shows and events for Aveda.

Lupe Voss began her career as an educator in 1998 and hasn’t stopped seeking new ways to color hair since. A gifted and passionate educator, Lupe has helped countless colorists around the globe to flourish in their careers. She also founded and co-owned the highly successful Julian August salon in Redlands, California, for 32 years.

Key Take-Aways

  • When you’re inspired, you can change anything.

  • Find classes to help you gain the knowledge you need to achieve your dreams.

  • Hair color has a process of formulating.

  • Texture gives the movement of the hair.

  • Straight hair is one dimensional, wavy is two dimensional, and curly hair is three dimensional.

  • Hair has types too: skinny, medium, and coarse.

  • Density in hair is how thick it is.

  • Everything that is a skill set must be practiced.


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