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S2_EP 1 - The Altieri Brothers Featuring William Edge

Episode Summary

Today’s guest is a true triple threat in the industry and a close and great friend of the Altieri family.

We welcome William Edge to the Art of Hair Podcast! This amazing human being has been close to the Altieri Brothers for the last 25 years. They have grown together, done shows together, and even built a business together! William is not only talented but a hard worker. He built his own salon system based on people achieving more than what they could get. This episode covers his complete story, from the beginning to where he is at today. He also shares how he created his system for salons.

Join this conversation about friendship, family, business, and love for hairdressing!

About William Edge

William Edge has a unique and inspiring approach to the world of beauty. He is a hairdresser, platform artist, session stylist, salon, and school owner.

He has worked with the Aveda brand for over 25 years as the owner and creative influence of the William Edge, Vann. Edge, and ProdEdgy Salon Group, which includes 5 Lifestyle Salons throughout Texas, Nashville, and Seattle. He is also the founder of Pure Edge-ucation and works throughout the industry sharing his creative approach to systematic success. William’s career has taken him worldwide and made him a regular at fashion weeks and runway shows in New York, Seattle, and Nashville.

His insightful, fresh perspective engages everyone around him to create greater collective success. In addition to his acclaimed artistic work, William Edge is also one of our industry's most insightful motivational speakers.

Key Take-Aways

  • In the show business, you may have talent, but hard work will outgrow it.

  • Covid has imposed forced flexibility on creators all over the world.

  • You have to do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.

  • When you become the best student, your teachers will always appear.

  • Guest experience is what will determine the trends.


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  • Watch the trailer of Ghost (1990) to know about Demi Moore’s haircut mentioned by William

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