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S2_EP 3 - The Altieri Brothers Featuring Peter Ciotti

Episode Summary

We welcome Peter Ciotti, an amazing hairdresser and businessman from the beauty industry. He is here to give you the greatest and most straightforward advice to be in this business. While reflecting on his own journey, Peter emphasizes the importance of education. Peter also shares how Chromastics, his company with Tom Dispenza, came to be.

This episode is full of advice for those young professionals that want to start a business in the hair industry! Tune in, and don’t miss out!

About Peter Ciotti

Peter Ciotti got into the professional beauty industry in 1973 after first earning an associate’s degree in marketing. He came from a very creative entrepreneurial family and was always interested in business. Ciotti shares, “I have always felt that hair design is really fascinating, a great extension of the human body and most important. When you have the right hair design created for each person’s needs and lifestyle, you will always be able to help make them look and feel better!”

By 2001, Ciotti started getting an expert first-hand education in hair color. One year later, he and Tom Dispenza decided they would go into business together. They created and launched the Chromatics Hair Color Company. Ciotti’s future vision for Chromastics is to help them remain respected as the best professional hair color line available today for serious hair colorists. They want to support these hair designers and their clients with a hair color-safe retail product system.

Key Take-Aways

  • Peter states three components for success: passion, hard work, and constant education.

  • Communication is the key to understanding.

  • 65% of all hairdressers in America are working independently.

  • The number one color used in the world is 6N.

  • Less is always more.

  • All one needs to do is put good thoughts.


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