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EP 14 - The Altieri Brothers Featuring Philip Wolff

Episode Summary

We got the humble hair warrior as a guest on our podcast today!

Welcome the incredible Philip Wolff, the man and the legend in the flesh. He does not limit his style to one specific thing. He accepts he has several influences around his artistic approach to hairstyling. Philip’s style comes from his own personal background. He grew up moving through Europe until he landed in America. He embraced all the cultural changes through the years, building how he teaches and works.

The Altieri Brothers have a wonderful conversation with this avant-garde star of the industry.

About Philip Wolff

Born in Landstuhl, Germany, Philip lived and traveled throughout Europe before moving to Washington D.C. in his early teens. Displaying a natural knack for cutting hair at a young age, experimenting with friends and family, and following the urges of his mother, at the age of 20, Philip began his professional career as an apprentice at a Toni & Guy concept salon in Maryland.

Covered in tattoos and piercings, Philip is not your typical hairdresser and it is his edgy appearance and unpretentious demeanor that separates him from the masses. His relaxed attitude teamed with his skill-set is what keeps his clientele coming back year after year.

What makes Philip stand out in this industry is his passion for education, his loyal celebrity clientele, his skill as a versatile haircutter, and his unique personal look.

Key Take-Aways

  • Content and imagery are what drive companies nowadays.

  • Philip has several influences that build up his unique style.

  • Know what you can work with under control and take some risks.

  • Leverage your salon and your work through social media and celebrity endorsements.


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