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EP 6 - The Altieri Brothers Featuring Presley Poe

Episode Summary

Today’s guest is the amazing hairstylist and colorist, Presley Poe!

This awarded and recognized hair professional shares her experiences from her very beginning to where she is right now. Poe knew she wanted to create art in the style of hair from a very young age when she played with her Meema’s hair and a pencil.

After going through cosmetology school, Poe learned that there are a million things that can only be taught in a salon. She also shows the importance of establishing a set of boundaries when working by yourself. The experience of owning her first salon taught her to get her head straight, set the example, and be the leader in the room.

Presley wanted to be known for three things: education, integrity, and artistry. This led her to create a technique she calls “Cut by Color”. One of Poe’s principles is to work with the client’s head and not against it. Every individual is a personal work of art and no cut or color will ever be the exact same.

Poe uses social media platforms not only to show her art and the styles she creates but to keep working on herself as a brand. Even when working with a company, Poe knows how to differentiate and keep her own voice in the process.

Enjoy learning from the first-hand experience of an incredible hair artist like Presley Poe in this episode!

Tune in each week to know a different artist, a different technique, and more stories at The Art Of Hair Podcast!

About Presley Poe

Presley Poe lives, eats, and breathes education in hair-styling. Based in Portland, Poe is a stylist that has been in the beauty industry for over 17 years.

Specializing in creative and natural coloring, she was awarded the Behind the Chair One Shot Award for the Best Color Melt of the Year.

Poe’s one of Pravana’s head colorist as well as their International Color Collective Director for Color gives online classes and is part of the CosmoProf artistic team. She is invested in making a change in the industry’s education system.

Key Take-Aways

  • Question everything you learn.

  • Techniques are tools to do specific things.

  • You are expendable but your clients are not.

  • The pigment is the visual representation of shape.

  • Work with the shape of your client's head, not against it.

  • Hairstyling has the same principles as painting or sculpting.

  • Remember you are always a brand! Even inside closed doors.

  • When working by yourself establish a different set of boundaries to help you work more efficiently.

  • Stop putting yourself inside a box: Labelling yourself into one single thing cuts your creativity short.


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