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Ep 9 - The History of the Pixie Haircut

Episode Summary

In this episode, Ricco and Tony tell us the history of the Pixie cut, a sexy and sensual style used by women after World War I and the Spanish flu.

Used as a way to find and express freedom, women started cutting their long locks into shorter layers of hair that framed their faces; this is how the Pixie cut trend started. Over the years celebrities across the entertainment industry like Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow, Madonna, Halle Berry, and recently J-Lo have rocked this cut on the movies, tv-series, and stages across the world. Tony and Ricco even have their own approach, technique, and specific face shape for this cut!

Join the Altieri Brothers on a quick history masterclass about the Pixie hairstyle in this episode!

Key Take-Aways

  • This haircut appeared after World War I.

  • The Pixie cut consists of short hair with several layers.

  • This haircut works with different kinds of bright colors like red, blonde, and platinum.

  • A heart-shaped face is Riccardo's favorite face shape to do the Pixie cut.

  • Different celebrities have worn this hairstyle over the years.


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