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Introduction to the Art of Hair Podcast with the Altieri Brothers

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Episode Summary

Welcome to The Art of Hair podcast, a podcast created to inspire and motivate hairdressers and hairstylists to be the best in what they do. This podcast is for all professional hairstylists of all levels all across the world and will be a great resource for stylists that want more - more information, more excitement, more fun, more motivation, and more inspiration.

In this episode, Rico and Toni Altieri welcome you to the podcast and share goals and excitement in helping you reach for your dreams. They promise to discuss different perspectives on hair topics, from hair coloring to hairstyling and haircutting.

They will also talk about the business of hair and teach skills that will increase skills and enhance creativity.

Rico and Toni also share something about their four-decade experience as hair industry leaders and they invite you to join the conversation, to be a part of a team of professional hairstylists passionate about their craft.

The podcast will feature weekly top masters, influencers, and industry innovators who will share how they got started, the strife and setbacks they have encountered along the way, and most importantly, the keys to their success.

We look forward to having you join our community of listeners!

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