The Art of Hair - Season One Review

Season 1 of The Art of Hair Podcast has been a completely wild ride!

Join the Altieri Brothers on a quick summary of the first season of their podcast. Know all about them, their family history, and their ride in the industry. Discover the most prominent leaders’ journeys in the beauty and hairstyling business. They also have three masterclasses turned podcast episodes with the history of the Shag cut, the Pixie cut, and the bob cut!

Get in touch with the Altieri Brothers and stay tuned for season 2!

About The Altieri Brothers

The Altieri Brothers are celebrity hairstylists with one of the longest-running careers in the beauty business.

Growing up in a tightly knit Italian-American family, brothers Riccardo and Anthony Altieri were inspired by their mother Gloria, father Anthony Sr., and younger brother John to pursue the profession of hairdressing. Now, the two both own and operate vibrant popular salons and are recognized as legendary celebrity hairstylists. They are also the driving force behind Altieri hair care products and the “The Art of Hair” brand.

Episode 1: Introduction to the Art of Hair Podcast with the Altieri Brothers

Welcome to the Art of Hair Podcast! In this episode, you will dive deep into why the Altieri Brothers created this show. They want to share their 40+ years of experience in the beauty industry with you. Get involved with the Altieri Brothers through the podcast!

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Episode 2: The Altieri Origin Story

Dive deep into the Altieri Brothers’ experience and life in this episode. You will be able to get some family history and details about Tony’s life.

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Episode 3: The Altieri Origin Story - Part 2

The second part of the Origin Story covers how the Altieri Brothers embraced their journey in the beauty industry. They had a long, successful ride with Matrix, and they share their memories here!

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Episode 4: Featuring Allan Papaleo

Alan Papaleo is the Senior Artistic Team Member for Ergo Styling Tools. We cover some of the advantages of working in the hair industry, favorite experiences with different companies we have worked with, and the fun education shows we've had over the years.

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